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IIB Council believes that partnerships are key to expand our community of tech enthusiasts around the world whether they are passionate about Blockchain, Digital marketing, or any other evolving technologies.

Our Current Partners Include

Fintech Worldwide


Features & Benefits

With Our Training Partnerships you will be able to give your audience the best possible tech and business education while remaining extremely profitable

Discounted Bulk Pricing

When you become a training partner, you will enjoy discounted pricing that will allow you to scale your business operations while maximizing your profits from our programs!


Premium Support

Our relationship doesn’t end with you making the purchase. It actually starts! Your account manager will help you with onboarding process, and help answer any questions you may have! 

Marketing Resources

Who says you need to do your marketing all on your own?! with IIB Council, we provide you with the marketing materials you need to help get more students in your next class!

Training Sponsorship

Once you sign up with us, you can nominate any trainer to teach our courses and we’ll take care of his training for free! This includes giving him free access to our course and Exams before he’s certified to teach!

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