training instructors

Training Instructors

We aspire that our professionals will become familiar with disruptive technologies and adopt revolutionary best practices to accelerate organizational performance in various business operations. We hope that a proper training in Digital Transformation will assist enterprises to adapt and grow their businesses. We call this Corporate Growth Hacking

Certified IIB Council Instructor (CII)

Become an authorised IIB Training Instructor.

The Certified IIB Council Instructor (CII) program is designed for individuals who want to become certified to deliver IIB curriculum on topics ranging from digital marketing to operations. The CII program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers for business technologies.

EC-Council courses are instructor-led classes that combine lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on student exercises. Certified IIB Council Instructors maintain a high standard of instructional preparedness through continued access to EC-Council’s training resources. Candidates will be qualified both in technical proficiency and instructional skills prior to authorization.

CII Requirements

To become a Certified IIB Council Instructor, you must:

  • Submit a completed CII Trainer application form
  • Be nominated/ sponsored by an Authorized IIB Council Partner (AIP)
  • Pass the associated certification exam with minimum 90% score.
  • Meet IIB quality standards by demonstrating your ability to deliver the IIB course
  • Have 5 years professional experience per module
  • Have 2 years professional experience in training
  • Have 1 year professional experience in consulting
  • Have in depth knowledge of the training material
  • Have hand’s on experience of the digital applications and technologies of this course
  • Sign the IIB CII Agreement

Steps to Become an Instructor

Step 0: Obtain the CII package (e-Courseware, Video Tutorials, Exam Voucher, Instructor Slides, Instructor Guide)
Step 1: Attend online training of the relevant course at EC-Council iClass (access to e-Courseware, Video Tutorials, Exam Voucher).
Step 2: Pass the relevant exam at minimum 90%
Step 3: Work for an IIB Authorized IIB Council Partner full time or part time.
Step 4: Request the IIB AIP to sponsor your application to become a CII.
Step 5: Complete the instructor application form and fax/mail it to us.
Step 6: You will be notified via email regarding your instructor status within 4 weeks.
Step 7: You will be issued a unique username and password to the CII Portal Login area (access to Instructor Slides, Instructor Guide). This will be included in your approval letter that you will receive with your CII Certificate.
Step 8: Prepare to teach IIB curriculum by reviewing course outlines and additional instructions available in the Instructor login section.