IIB Council Training Institutions

Authorized IIB Council Partner

IIB Council’s Training Partner Program is intended for professional training organizations that deliver training in IIB Council certifications. IIB Council provides valuable tools and resources to assist training organizations in recruiting, training and certifying Business Technology professionals.


  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • India

To join our list of Training Partners worldwide you need to submit the AIP Application form. You may download the AIP application form at the link below. Once the form is completed please send it to [email protected].


Fill in registration form AIP Application Form
Sign annual contract AIP Agreement
Place minimum purchase order (PO) 20 student kits (training center)
100 academia kits (university/college)
Submit Admin fees Application Fee – 1 Location: US $500
Application Fee - Multiple Locations USD 400 Each
(*Renewal Fee – Annual: US $250)
Nominate your Instructor CII Nomination Form
Sponsor your Instructor’s Training and Teaching License CII kit

TRAINERS Required for delivering Business Technology certification programs Minimum 1 Certified IIB Council Instructor
Employed Sales/Marketing / Business Development Infrastructure Preferred
Support Help Desk Personnel No
Success Stories, Newsletter Articles other activities Recommended
References of customers with whom you have worked 1 reference
Named Primary Relationship Contact Yes


When you become an AIP, you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Access to AIP extranet Web site
  • Use of the IIB Council AIP logo
  • Authorized to conduct IIB Council official curriculum courses
  • AIP certificate and plaque
  • Discounted Exam vouchers
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • CBTs, Videos and presentation materials
  • Admission to Hacker Halted conferences
  • Run IIB Council University programs


We are pleased to announce the 2016 IIB Council Global Awards. These awards provide recognition to IIB Council’s best performing training partners, institutions and certified instructors in more than 90 countries.

Each year, IIB Council honors Accredited Training Centers and Certified Instructors that have made distinguished contributions to the success of IIB Council certification programs and have made a difference in the rapidly evolving information security and ethical hacking domains.

All AIPs and CIIs are invited to participate for in the awards and stand a chance to win!

Discover the high value of awards

Gain Recognition

Global Award winners will be showcased on the IIB Council website, coverage in global press releases. Accredited Training Center and Instructor of the Year will also be given priority referral.

Benchmark Excellence

Winning entries serve as a resource for future Global Awards entrance. Winning Accredited Training Centers and certified instructors epitomize the industry’s best practices, raise standards and contribute to a growing body of knowledge about information security. Every applicant will see how they perform and learn from their accomplishments.

Improves the credibility of the Training Centers and Instructors

Award-winning training centers and instructors high standards of professionalism will be greatly recognized and regarded more prestigious. The good image associated with prestige will increase visibility and profitability and generate good branding.


Candidate’s Personal & Certification Details – Confidential Information

IIB Council would like to remind all partners that any student’s and/or member’s personal and certification information is confidential and is not shared with any parties whatsoever external to IIB Council. Only accreditation bodies such as ANSI are purview to certain information during auditing sessions and these are governed by strict non-disclosures.

Candidate’s personal and certification details are deemed to be confidential in nature and we are not at liberty to divulge those details to third parties, including our partners. The only way we can release the details is when a candidate expressly consents to the release of his/her details by way of submitting the completed Information Release Policy form to [email protected].

We would like our respected partners to inform their candidates to write DIRECTLY to IIB Council ([email protected] and [email protected]) for any type of assistance as confidential information may have to be divulged in the communication between the candidates and IIB Council.

Your attention and understanding on this matter are highly required and appreciated.


AIP Related Questions

A. Vouchers are bundled with courseware. Only if a student fails the exam, then AIP can purchase the vouchers for second attempt providing the previous exam voucher codes as evidence.

A. ETC (EC-Council Test Center) application and Proctor application are FREE OF CHARGE.

A. Please submit your request to [email protected] Our technical department will extract the report from the system filtered without students details as per EC-Council privacy policy and send directly to you.

A. The Instructions are provided in the Aspen AIP portal under the Add Training Class Tab. Click on the options available and add all the details of the training and click on the SUBMIT button. The training details will be displayed in Aspen AIP portal and under the EC-Council Program -> Find Training tab in www.eccouncil.org

A. Please send your CII application with all the supporting documents to [email protected] for processing. If you would like to change then send a formal email regarding the change of your CII providing the details and who is the replacement CII for your training center.  We will update our database accordingly and do the necessary procedures.
For more information on CII please visit the CII requirements tab.

A. YES, provided that AIP submits their ETC (EC-Council Test Center) and Proctor applications to [email protected].

A. If you are from APAC, EUROPE or Africa regions please write to [email protected] for your orders or for any financial request or issues regarding payment or shipping. For the rest of the regions please contact your respective EC-Council business representative accordingly.

CII Related Questions

A. Yes. Only a certified member in good standing with an active certification of the program an Instructor wishes to deliver can become an EC-Council CII. In addition to that a valid trainer certificate is compulsory.

A. Yes. The sponsorship letter needs to be printed on an A4 size paper with Letterhead. The sponsorship letter serves as proof that the training centre is supporting the Instructor’s application.

A. CII can either complete the courses by attending the training class or self-study to sit for the exam. Once CII pass the exam then the access to the Instructor slides will be granted.

A. EC-Council will sponsor a temp access for the period of 3 months, so that CII can find an EC-Council Authorized Training Center who is willing to sponsor their application.  Failing which CII’s access will be terminated. Instructor can choose to reapply when they have all the essentials in place.

A. No. The CIIs are not authorized to be involved in any activities related to exam proctoring or certification. EC-Council will take strict action against CIIs who influence the exam results in any way.

A. Please write to [email protected] providing your First name and Last name to check in the CII database if you been registered. Providing the Login Credential would be an added point. The CII Administrator will check and revert to the Instructor accordingly.

A. Once you have passed or gain new certification the Aspen system will send an auto generated notification to the CII team to release the access to you. Once access is provided you will then reCIIve a notification from Aspen.

A. CII is prohibited from delivering EC-Council programs in a non- authorized training centers. If CII would like to deliver the program in an Authorized Training Centre, CII will need to have special approval from the Training Center who is sponsoring CII’s Application.

A. All EC-Council certifications can be verified at http://aspen.eccouncil.org/verify.aspx

If you face difficulties verifying your cert, kindly write into [email protected] for assistance.

A. EC-Council encourages CIIs to ensure that each of the students attending the class completes the evaluation and share their feedback via the Aspen Evaluation forms. The Evaluations not only help EC-Council to collect feedback that can help CIIs deliver better but are used during Award nominations and decisions when EC-Council rewards their CIIs.

For students who choose to do training prior to attempt the exam, Evaluation forms are mandatory for them to reCIIve their certifications upon passing the exam.

For any assistance with evaluation codes, please write to [email protected] with complete details of the student name and evaluation code describing the error reCIIved.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. No. Only the instructors who are involved in delivering the EC-Council curriculum needs to be certified. https://cert.eccouncil.org/CII.html

A. Review the information on the Requirements page to determine if you qualify to participate in the program. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions.

A. Accredited Training Centers are professional instructors, training organizations, or businesses. They deliver top-notch professional training on e-Business subjects.

Student Related Questions

A. We provide various training options for student such as: –

  1. Authorized Training Centers – (AIP)
  2. Instructor-led Online Training (iClass) – https://iclass.eccouncil.org
  3. Self-paced Online Training (iLearn)

For more information, visit the webpage http://www.eccouncil.org/Training

A. Yes. Students are allowed to complete their ECSA training and avoid the exam. However, we strongly recommend candidates to pursue the LPT certification as it can be a major milestone in your career and establish you as a penetration tester and Information Security Auditor.

A. No. While the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is not a prerequisite for the ECSA course, we strongly advise candidates to attain the CEH certification prior to the commencement of the ECSA course.

A. Yes. Students can purchase iLabs from EC-Council store.

A. The ECSAv9 dashboard is a dedicated area within your Aspen account which is designed to help an ECSAv9 student complete their report writing phase prior to the final multiple choice exam.

This area will help student with access to their assignment and sample reports. Student will also need to submit their final pen-test report here once they have successfully gone through the Cyber Range challenges using their iLabs. For any assistance with the ECSAv9 exam please write to [email protected]


Certified IIB Council Instructor