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Hands of a mother, father and son inside the framework of a house on a rustic wood background with copy space in a conceptual image.
Project Management

Use the Kanban Framework

In this article, you will learn the basics of the Kanban framework. Kanban is an agile project management visual system inspired by …

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Promotion Product Strategy Marketing Concept
Project Management

SCRUM IN 7 Minutes?

In this article, you will find a complete definition of Scrum project management. This organizational scheme of complex product development, also …

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Project Management

Is a project manager a manager or a leader?

Leadership and management are often a confusing topic. This article will clarify the two concepts and their necessity for the success …

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Project Management

Adaptive vs Predictive Methodologies in Project Management

Project management cannot exist without good organization and clear, precise methodology. To complete your project within the time allowed, and …

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Man and wooden cubes on table. Management and marketing concepts
Project Management

Project Management in the Social Sector

In March 2006, at the Fourth World Water Forum (WWF) in Mexico, a UNIDO expert presented a series of water projects from India …

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Conceptual image of career management with a businessman forming a bridge of wooden building blocks for chess pieces developing from pawn to king.
Project Management

Why get certified in Project Management?

If the traditional way works, and it takes between 20 and 100 hours of training to get certified, is earning …

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