Business Technology Professionals

IIB Council Business Technology certifications verify that their holders demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills at recognizing the strategic importance of digital applications to develop and execute successfully a cohesive multi-screen and multi-action plan in the areas of Digital Marketing, Project Management and/or Customer Relationship Management.

The training material is carefully developed by the dedicated R&D team that IIB Council houses within EC-Council Group. The team specializes in Information Technology both from the security and its business operational aspect. We ensure high quality and industry relevance of the training through the independent review of IIB Council’s Advisory Board that refines and evaluates the content as per global standards. The IIB Council Advisory Board is our member based network of volunteers who are recognized as world-class professionals and key leaders in their respective fields. The Board members are carefully selected from the industry and are committed to creating a positive impact to the profession by helping IIB create cutting-edge educational programs.

Welcoming the first

Business Technology Programs for Corporate Growth Hacking

The IIB programs invite aspiring or current business professionals to take advantage of the latest trends and get one step-ahead of competition by utilizing brand-new technologies and smart digital practices to achieve goals and better results. The training material enriches digital skills that are congruent with the principles of Business Analytics, Intelligence, Automation and Optimization. Students will be furnished with real-world scenarios and case studies and 100% hands-on lab challenges that exploit the latest, best available tools and teach relevant, contemporary, directly implementable and practical skills.

Business Professionals will now have the opportunity to expand traditional knowledge and academic education through the IIB Business Technology Trainings on Digital Transformation and Best Practices.