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Why Partnerships?

Part of our mission here at IIB Council is to grow the tech community around blockchain and other technologies that will shape our future and change the way we live our lives. But we cannot go that long road alone. With the help of our amazing partners around the world who share similar values and objectives, we increase the reach of our message and also help them achieve similar goals with our community, so we can all grow faster together.

Our Current Partners Include

Fintech Worldwide

Flexible models for every need

Partnership Models

Whether you want to partner with us to deliver our world-class courses to your audience or want us to partner for an event, we'll have the perfect model for you!

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Training Partnerships

With this model, we partner with training institutions on the ground to help us deliver our world-class programs to their audience.

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Media Partnerships

With this model, we partner with event organizers and other companies to run events and cross-promotional campaigns.

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