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November 28 – 30
Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel|Chicago, USA
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Leverage Innovative Technology to Maximize Impact

There is a vast array of new, exciting technology available with the potential to transform insurance, from IoT, AI, chatbots, automation, virtual reality, blockchain and more.

With such a significant role to play in the long-term planning for the future of the industry, the strategic deployment of key innovative technology is critical. We’ll explore how to effectively and efficiently implement innovative tech – from building a foundation to creating a culture of innovation – and of course preparing the data that sits at the heart of the entire organization, including:

– Explore the latest technology innovations: how new technologies changing the way carriers do business and where they are being applied

– Integrate tech to deliver greater impact: each technology is transformative on its own, but how can you leverage greater impact through converging these technologies?

– Deploy data to its fullest potential: both the solution and problem across insurance technology, optimize your data to meet organization-wide needs now and in the future

– Develop a strategic implementation plan: ensure adoption across the company to enable tech transformation with an internal culture of innovation and change

– Minimizing the cybersecurity threat: create a clear line of sight between business and security with efficient communication of cyber risks and regulations

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