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IIB Council starts incorporating its premium Certified Blockchain Professional program into Hellenic American Education Center’s training to tie learning to real-world experience and help their students improve their Blockchain skills

Beginning November 24, IIB Council is happy to announce that it will start implementing its world-class Blockchain Professional program for Hellenic American Education Center‘s students as part of its Global Partnership Program to invigorate project-based learning in business technology education. The opportunity to gain real-world experience in Blockchain will be combined with rigorous training to help prepare them to succeed in their career.

Partnering with IIB Council will give Hellenic American Education Center a unique opportunity to make sure that our students have an experience that can help better prepare them for the future. Our goal for integrating the Certified Blockchain Professional program into our courses is to help our students apply the skills they are learning to become blockchain savvy and help our business ride this wave of innovation.

Leta ChristodoulouIT Training Coordinator of Hellenic American Education Center

IIB Council’s Global Partnership Program is part of a successful and increasingly popular approach to education that is transforming Training Centers and Universities across the world. This works by integrating rigorous academics with career-based learning and real-world project-based experiences to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a career in Blockchain. By making education a personally relevant, engaging experience, IIB Council’s Programs shows students exactly how their education leads to their next career steps.

We’re excited to be giving Hellenic American Education Center's students in Greece more exposure to the latest tools and technologies. We view this global program as an investment in the potential future of Hellenic American Education Center's employees by helping them develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in Blockchain.

Irene DimaManaging Director at IIB Council

The involvement of the business community is critical to making this new global innovative approach to business education work. IIB Council’s programs are developed in collaboration with advisory board members who are currently working in their respective fields, making sure that the courses have huge practical value for students and not just another theoretical purely academic course they will struggle to use in a real-world application.

EC-Council recognizes that Blockchain technology is set to become one of the most disruptive technologies of modern times. The digital transformation arm of EC-Council, IIB Council, introduces the first blockchain professional training and certification program to ensure that there is the appropriate talent pool to fulfill this global transformation. Developing skilled workforce is a necessity and a journey that we are delighted to embark on with Hellenic American Education Center.

Philip BlakeCountry Manager (UK & EU) at EC-Council

About IIB Council

IIB Council is a division of the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council — one of the world’s largest Cyber Security training and certification body. It also operates in 145 countries and has trained and certified over 220,000 professionals.

IIB Council was formed with the aspiration of applying EC-Council’s success in cybersecurity towards the business technology sector and blockchain. IIB Council’s programs focus on digital transformation and how technological advancements can foster sustainability and growth across business operations. To learn more about the IIB Council’s Global Partnership Program, please visit this page.

About Hellenic American Education Center

The Hellenic American Education Center (HAEC) has been approved and licensed by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs as Hellenic American College.

Hellenic American College has signed a cooperation agreement with Hellenic American University (436 Amherst Street, Nashua, New Hampshire, NH03063, USA) that enables the College to offer the University’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs at its facilities in Athens. Upon successful completion of their studies and the fulfillment of all degree requirements as specified in the relevant University Catalog, participants in these degree programs are granted a degree directly from Hellenic American University, Nashua.

If you’re interested to know more about the training at Hellenic American Education Center in Greece, please contact Leta Christodoulou through the following email:  [email protected]

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