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IIB Council starts incorporating its premium Certified Project Manager and Certified Blockchain Professional programs into ASIA eUniversity’s training to tie learning to real-world experience and help prepare Malaysia’s future workforce

Beginning January 23, IIB Council is happy to announce that it will start implementing its world-class Project Management andBlockchain Professional programs for students at ASIA eUniversity as part of its Global Partnership Program to invigorate project-based learning in business technology education. The opportunity to gain real-world experience in Project Management andBlockchain will be combined with rigorous training to help prepare them for a prosperous lucrative career in either field.  

“Partnering with IIB Council will give ASIA eUniversity a unique opportunity to make sure that our students have an experience that can help better prepare them for the future,” said Titik Khawa, Managing Partner of ASIA eUniversity. “Our goal for integrating the Certified Project Manager and Certified Blockchain Professional programs into our courses is to help students apply the skills they are learning to solve real-world issues and, ultimately, show them how our education directly relates to their career interests and aspirations.’” 

IIB Council’s Global Partnership Program is part of a successful and increasingly popular approach to education that is transforming Training Centers and Universities across the world. This works by integrating rigorous academics with career-based learning and real-world project-based experiences to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. By making education a personally relevant, engaging experience, IIB Council’s Programs shows students exactly how their education leads to their next career steps. 

The involvement of the business community is critical to making this new global innovative approach to business education work. IIB Council’s programs are developed in collaboration with advisory board members who are currently working in their respective fields, making sure that the courses have huge practical value for students and not just another theoretical purely academic course they will struggle to use in a real-world application. 

“We’re excited to be giving students in Malaysia more exposure to the latest tools and technologies and to help them have a better understanding of the types of career paths and jobs that are available to them in today’s tech-based world,” said Vivek Shally, Managing Director at IIB Council. “We view this global program as an investment in the potential future of ASIA eUniversity’s students by helping them develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in Project Management and Blockchain. This partnership can help us ensure we have enough workers with the necessary training and credentials to fill the increasingly skilled tech-first jobs our global economy demands.” 

If you’re interested to know more about the training at ASIA eUniversity in Malaysia, please contact Titik Khawa through the following email:  [email protected] 

To learn more about the IIB Council’s Global Partnership Program, please visit this page


About IIB Council

IIB Council is a division of the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC Council — one of the world’s largest Cyber Security and Business Technology certification body.

It also operates in 145 countries, has trained and certified over 200,000 professionals.

IIB Council was formed with the aspiration of applying their success in cybersecurity towards the business technology sector and blockchain. Their programs focus on digital transformation and how technological advancements can foster sustainability and growth across business operations.

About ASIA eUniversity

Asia e University (AeU) is a leading Open & Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia.

Established in 2007, AeU is initiated by the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), to promote Asian Cooperation through digital education. ACD has recognized AeU as an instrument for greater Asia-wide cooperation and a catalyst in narrowing the digital divide among communities and nations. AeU is also seen as the successful outcome of the close collaboration between Malaysia and the other ACD member countries. Having been an essential part of the Asian landscape for more than 10 years, AeU is committed to working with the Higher Education Institutions in Asia and around the world to provide students with the education they need to thrive in a digital, global connected world.

AeU has a unique mission “to be a global university and a premier education hub in the promotion of quality, flexible and affordable learning”. Right from its early years, AeU has brought into existence a new approach to tertiary education that gives rise to greater flexibility in learning. AeU leverages heavily on technology to deliver its programmes, which gives students the flexibility to study at their own time and pace. AeU also uses technology intelligently at every stage of its strategic planning efforts to keep the University community connected.
>As one of Asia’s premier universities in driving the digital frontier, AeU believes that innovation and technology have the power to make education truly democratized, personalized and borderless.

Today, AeU has a strong, equitable, high-quality education system with a vibrant international focus, and proudly supported by 17,000 graduates and nearly 30,000 globally connected students from 100 different countries.

AeU prides itself on developing career-ready graduates, innovative and resilient and well prepared for rapidly changing workforce needs.

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