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Why IIB Council Masterclass?


IIB Council has launched the Masterclass series for the benefit of the tech and business community globally to experience a very high quality, affordable tech and business ‘Hands On’ training in a comfortable environment which is delivered by IIB Council’s Master Trainers only. Our focus in clear, we want to help improve and grow the practical skills for professionals aiming to work in Digital marketing and blockchain through our intensive training sessions.

Our Masterclasses


Our Blockchain Masterclasses delve deeper into our premier CBP course with access to unparalleled practical class experience that is focused on getting your blockchain skills to the next level so you’ll be ready to work and plan any blockchain project for your company or clients.

Our Masterclasses

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Masterclass offers business owners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals intensive classes about focused subjects that are actually important to the bottom line of any company (things like lead generation, conversion optimization, and data-driven marketing). Our classes also come with very special premium features that you won’t find anywhere else!

IIB Council masterclass - features

In-class Delivery Pushed to the Limit

Both of Our masterclasses comes with a slew of features that sure are going to benefit you not only in class but way beyond that!

Premium Support

While you'll have projects and constant feedback from the instructor in-class, we also offer chat features online where you can ask questions and get answers from our experts!

Online Video Tutorials

Our masterclasses will also give you access to our world-class online platform where you'll find online video tutorials for Labs and other projects with step-by-step instructions!

Live Practice on Latest Technologies

All of our masterclasses come with project-based learning where you will be able to apply everything you're learning right there in-class and get live feedback on it

Access to iLabs

For the first time ever, we're giving access to our state-of-the-art simulated coding environment (iLabs) to all of our masterclass students so you can practice blockchain in a safe environment optimized for your learning!

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