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All of our programs are designed with quality and practical value at their core so you can get direct and fast results and see your career and market value skyrocket!

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All of our courses can be attended online so you learn according to your schedule!

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All of our courses are made inline with the prestigious ANSI standards

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Every program we offer comes with practical projects that help you apply everything you’re learning so you can learn faster than ever!


All of our courses come with ultra-comprehensive curriculums, so you can get a well-rounded practical understanding of whatever you’re learning!

Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP)

Take Your Web Development Career to the Next Level with Our Premium Blockchain Training and Certification

Certified Digital Marketer (CDM)

Develop the Essential Practical Skills to Skyrocket your Career and Business Faster Than Ever Before!


Certified Project Manager (CPM)

Learn how to manage any project efficiently with the use of the latest digital tools and technologies!

Course Reviews

Leveraging on Blockchain, companies can gain meaningful, cost efficient and secure solutions to aid their GRC efforts, and a Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP) can ensure the delivery of results.

Gabor Pallos

CBP | CISM | ECSA - Supplied Group

This certification carries not only the value of identifying individuals with deep knowledge of the technology, it also carries the weight of knowing when and where to apply blockchain effectively and responsibly.

Joel Wijesuria

Enterprise Architect - TERAS Teknologi

This course constitutes the fundamental platform for an in-depth understanding and successfully applying blockchain technology.

Spyros Papadakis

Head of Credit Risk Management Shipping

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Google Search Console is a multi-feature tool which can be used to monitor and promote your site’s performance in Google’s search results. You don’t need GSC to rank well on Google Search.

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Blockchain Technology

Why the banking industry is so interested in Blockchain (and how it can affect you)

Blockchains gained attention after the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, whose sole purpose was to eliminate the modern incumbent financial intermediaries and facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without the involvement/need of financial institutions.

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Blockchain Technology

Hard Forks vs. Soft Forks (and how they work with Blockchain)

When getting in started in blockchain, there are so many terms to keep track of.  You’ll need to be aware of terms such as divergence, circulating supply, tokens vs. blocks, nodes, and many others. But one term that is arguably the most important term to know and understand is forking.

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