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Guest Blogger

We are incredibly excited to have guest blogging with us!

We created this page to help you know exactly what we are looking for in a guest blogger, what you’re going to get from guest blogging with us, and the process of submitting your post to us and what happens after you submit your post.

It’s all in there!

Who we are looking for

If you have excellent writing skills and useful information about blockchain from your experience in the field, we would love to have you share it with our audience. Here’s what we accept guest blogging from:

  • Non-competitors
  • People who spent at least 1-year using blockchain in any aspect
  • Blockchain hiring managers
  • Blockchain writers (who wrote at least 4 articles/blog posts beforehand)
  • Blockchain developers with excellent writing and communication skills

What We Want in Every Post We Publish

We expect the following from every post you submit:

  • Originality: The post needs to be unique and is not published anywhere else. Also, it has to pass our plagiarism tests.
  • Grammar and Readability: The post needs to be grammarly-sound and easily readable with the content flowing from one section to the other seamlessly.
  • Proper Attribution: Every research you use or any image you use within your post needs to be properly credited. You are completely responsible for attribution for the content you share with us.
  • Linking: you can only have a maximum of two links to your website or blog in the body of the post. Note that you will have another chance to link back to your website and social profiles in your author byline.
  • Comprehensive: Our blockchain is aimed at educating web developers and those who are aspiring to become ones about blockchain, and so the content published there needs to be as comprehensive without needing to use a lot of jargon. The recommended word count range for guest blogging is 1,000 to 2,000. Note that your post will not be accepted if it falls outside of this range.
  • The use of images: we want our blog to be immensely useful and practical so if screenshots or pieces of code are going to provide value for our readers, including them will give you a significantly better chance of your post being accepted.

What We Won’t Accept

  • Posts that can be interpreted as link-building schemes
  • Posts that are too promotional to you or your company
  • Posts that are offensive and inappropriate
  • Posts that are overly critical of a particular company
  • Posts that have plenty of inaccurate statements or data

How to Submit Your Post for Guest Blogging

Here are a few things to keep in mind though:

  • You can send the post using a PDF or a Word Format.
  • You need to send an author bio that is maximum 120 words in length.
  • The review process takes from 7 to 14 days depending on the volume of posts we receive at that time.
  • Once you receive that your post is accepted, we’ll email you when it will be published. In addition to that, we will notify you and mention you on our social media once we publish the post.

Important Note: please note that due to the volume of posts we receive for guest blogging, we cannot give you constructive feedback on how you can improve your content or why exactly it wasn’t accepted. We hope that the guidelines above will help you submit perfect blog posts from the start, though.

Final Notes

We cannot allow you to re-publish the content in the guest blog to your own blog, linkedIn, Medium, or any other channel. This is because content duplication is not good for SEO and we really like Google to be happy. Here’s what you can do instead though:

  •  You can share the post’s link to your email list, social media channels, etc.
  • You can also quote up to 75 words at a time from the content in any other post you’re writing (while giving attribution to the original article on our website)
  • Also, beyond our website, we also share your content with our entire community using all of our channels.

The IIB Council editors reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

IIB Council reserves the right to include calls-to-action to other IIB Council content, including but not limited to email newsletters, ebooks, and other downloadable content