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IIB Council Global Services


Our Expertise

IIB Council Global Services specialize in helping organizations achieve enterprise digital transformation through the use of advanced technologies and emerging techniques. Our services aim to analyze, optimize, automate and accelerate the performance of teams and operations across industries.







Enterprise Digital Transformation Services

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.


01. Workforce Development

Our services include the training and upskilling of the existing workforce in your organization. Based on the department, the internal staff is trained in Digital Marketing, Smart Project Management, and Blockchain Technology. Our services also offer the client the opportunity to identify and source new talent from our exclusive network of subject matter experts.


02. Workflow Development

Using the right tools we are able to develop a technologically advanced operational framework for organizations willing to evolve ahead of peers. Our team analyses existing workflows including policies and procedures to optimize and automate processes affecting the overall corporate growth.


03. Maturity Roadmap

We aim our services to enable organizations to become smart, adaptive, digital Enterprises. Leveraging the right technological advancements, organizations can become more competitive and profitable in the long term. Our maturity roadmap services invite organizations to adopt a digital transformation plan ahead of peers.

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