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C|DM Training focuses on developing a Growth Hacking mindset. The program teaches you how to enable, test and optimize marketing activities to achieve profitable acquisitions and retentions of the target audience within a multi-channel buying process and customer lifecycle. The training offers an in-depth overview of all the best digital marketing practices to create operational excellence of digital marketing tools and applications. The C|DM Professionals are prepared to identify, reach and retain their target market by marrying internet emerging technologies to old-time classic traditional methods. To sit for the exams you need to attend the C|DM Training.

  • 40 Hours
  • 10 Chapters
  • 8 Labs
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The C|DM Certification recognizes your accumulated skills in developing and executing an integrated digital marketing strategy in alignment with organizational goals. Understanding that digital marketing decisions have a direct impact on your organization’s growth, revenue, profitability, and agility are imperative for a C|DM. The C|DM Certification verifies that its holder demonstrates sufficient knowledge and skills at recognizing the strategic importance of digital technologies to develop and execute successfully an integrated multi-screen and multi-action integrated marketing plan.
To obtain the certification you need to pass the C|DM exams.

  • 3 Hours
  • 100 Questions
  • 70% passing score
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C|DM Exam Eligibility

The Exam Eligibility Application form allows highly experienced digital marketing professionals in the C|DM domains to sit for the C|DM exams without having to attend the C|DM training.

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Who is it for?

C|DM program is aimed at those interested in leading Digital Marketing Strategies at a Corporate level!

C|DM prepares you to:

  •  enter the Digital Marketing Team (Specialists in Analytics, Design, Content, Search Engine, Social Media, etc.)
  • evolve through the executive ranks of the Digital Marketing team to a C-Suite such as Chief Marketing & Digital Media Officer.

To attend the course no prior knowledge of digital marketing is assumed and no technical skills beyond the basic internet and computer knowledge.

Fresh Graduates

Aspiring practitioners with no prior experience


Professionals with international exposure

Career Climbers

Young professionals with less than 3 years experience

Startup leaders

Young entrepreneurs in search of unicorns

C|DM Training Overview

The Digital Marketing course by IIB is a Training and Certification program aimed at professionals looking to evolve through the executive ranks of Data-Driven Corporate Marketing. The program is for current or aspiring practitioners interested in planning, executing and measuring digital strategies to achieve an accelerated performance of marketing efforts. The overall tone of the training helps students make use of both creative and technical skills known as Growth Hacking. Then students will be introduced to modern and contemporary marketing principles.

The course begins with a comparison of Traditional and Digital Marketing as well as the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing approach. Students will learn in depth the digital marketing and inbound marketing techniques, giving them an opportunity to get comfortable with the concepts of growth hacking. Areas such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, are covered extensively from their strategic and project management point of view.


Processing of raw and unstructured data and collection of information and provision of insights.


Successful Implementation of methodologies, best practices and procedures.


Project Management of Digital Marketing Performance and decision making.

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C|DM Program Pricing

C|DM 5-days Training and Certification Program can be attended online via the following options
Self Study


1 Year access to the online training material and exam portal



Self Paced


1 year access to the online video tutorials, training material and exam portal.




Live Online Instructor-led training with 1 year access to training material and exam portal


Or join a live class in your region

Attend C|DM Training in a live physical class as delivered by an authorized training partner in your region.

CDM Live
1st December to 2nd MarchSign up now
CDM Live
25th August to 10th NovemberSign up now
Authorized IIB Council Partners Can announce upcoming classes here

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