Certified Digital Marketer

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Certified Digital Marketer

Why Take Our digital marketing certification?

The Digital Marketing Certification (CDM) by IIB Council is a 360 degree, Vendor-Agnostic, Hands-On Training and Certification Course specifically tailored for those who are aspiring to apply the latest Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking practices and techniques on both corporate and entrepreneurial levels.

Demand is booming!

Demand for digital marketing talent sits at 56%, with active supply at only 24% which points to a significant gap between Supply and demand that is not closing down anytime soon!


The overall tone of the training will help you make use of creative, technical, and analytical skills in digital marketing- effectively making you a professional Growth Hacker.

Course Features

Premium Learning Experience

When you get enrolled in our digital marketing certification  program, you will get a premium learning experience that will elevate your career to new heights!

+12 Weekly Projects

Practice everything you learn on real businesses or your own and start applying what you learn!

Custom Project Feedback

Get personalized feedback on your projects from our marketing experts to learn even faster!

+10 hrs of HD Videos

Access to detailed instructional videos that go through each aspect of digital marketing including the latest tools and technologies!

Premium Support

Whenever you feel stuck, you can always ask us questions and receive answers from our digital marketing experts!

Quizzes and Tests

Test your knowledge with frequent quizzes after each section of the program and be ready for the final certification exam!

Prestigious Certification

As with EC Council's Certifications, CDM is made inline with the internationally-recognized ANSI standards

certified Digital marketer

Advisory Board Members

To be the Gold Standard in practical  Digital Marketing Certification and to be able to create the most comprehensive and practical content on Digital Marketing, we have collaborated with the top industry experts from around the world to deliver to you the best and most up-to-date content on the subject!

Faisal Khan - Certified Digital Marketing

Faisal Khan

London School of Economics and Political Science

Digital Marketing Officer

Missy Devlin - Certified Digital Marketing

Missy Devlin


Chief Communication Officer

Scott McBride - Certified Digital Marketing

Scott McBride

IPG Mediabrands

Chief Digital Officer

Hope Frank - Certified Digital Marketing

Hope Frank


Global Experience Officer

Course Content

What You're Going to Learn

We designed our Digital Marketing Certification (CDM) to help entrepreneurs and professionals get a comprehensive and complete understanding of practical digital marketing from strategy and content marketing, to digital advertising and technical SEO. It’s all in there!

In the first chapter of our digital marketing certification course, you'll learn how digital marketing changed the
way businesses market their products and services, along with the benefits of
implementing digital marketing for their own business.

They’ll also know the myriad channels used to promote products and services digitally
and how successful firms use them to generate millions of dollars every year! Finally,
they’ll get a sneak peek into Silicon Valley’s best held secret: growth hacking - a mindset that will transform the way they do business forever!

Topics Discussed Here Are:

 The benefits of using Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

 Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

 The current landscape for Digital Marketing

 Growth Hacking Principles

In this new model of our digital marketing certification course, we would first take a closer look at branding and create user
persona for your business' target segments. After that, we go to examine different digital channels and how they fit different business needs and how students should approach them based on the strategy we’ll set together in this chapter.

Finally, we’ll also look at how budgeting works with digital marketing and the common metrics digital marketers can use to justify their digital marketing investment.

Topics Discussed Here Are:

 Marketing strategy 2.0 and why it's important in today's digital age

 Competitors' Analysis

 How to Create User Personas to craft your perfect marketing message

  How to choose the best social media for your business needs

 How to select Marketing objectives for your business and common objectives used today and how to measure them


Now that we are done with marketing strategy, it’s time to use the user personas created in the “marketing strategy” chapter and create buyer journeys that start from awareness to advocacy. Using this map, you will be able to create the perfect content at every stage of this buyer’s journey.

Additionally, you will learn what marketing funnels are and how to use them to acquire, manage, and convert more leads and turn them into loyal fans!

Topics Discussed Here Include:   Why do you need Content Marketing?  Steps you need to take before starting Content Marketing  Various Forms of Content Marketing  What is Lead Generation?  How to Nurture and get Quality Leads   Measuring the Performance of Content Marketing  How to develop the Content Calendar for efficient and faster production

The website is the centre of all digital marketing efforts and it’s the glue that holds everything together, from social media to SEO.

In this chapter, you will learn about the process of developing and managing a website that converts visitors into paying customers. You will also learn how to analyse and optimize your website regularly using the latest technologies so you can make constant and continued growth an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Additionally, you will go through the web development process and understand how to manage it properly.

Finally, you will also get to learn the latest UX (user experience) processes that can help you create an engaging experience for your website visitors that is optimized for conversion.

Topics Discussed Here Include:   How the Web / Internet Works?   Hosting Options for your Website  The UX Design Process  7 Design Principles for Digital Marketers   Hiring the Right Developers and Designers

Here, you will take the next step in website optimization by learning how to implement tracking code on your website which will allow you to collect data on who visits the website and how they are using it.

You will also learn the common terminologies in web analytics and how to use the most important Google Analytics reports to know where your traffic is coming from, the level of engagement visitors have on the website, and much much more!

Finally, you will find out how to use website data to improve and optimize the website as you see your traffic and conversion rates skyrocket!

Topics Discussed Here Include:   What are the Benefits of Google Analytics?   How Google Analytics Works?   Understanding Google Analytics Terminology  How to integrate WordPress and GTM with Google Analytics   Working with Views and Filters   Audience, Acquisition and Behavior Reports   Creating Goals and working with Conversion Reports

In the first section of the chapter, students will learn how to get more organic traffic from search engines to their website by understanding the underlying concepts of

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 Keyword research for SEO

 Analyse and optimize textual and not-textual HTML elements.

 Practical steps of dealing with content duplication

 How to Submit a sitemap for your company’s website

 Steps of the link building process

 Measure SEO performance over time.

In the second part of this module, you will get familiar with the Google Ads user interface and will learn how to
create successful campaigns (mainly, text search ads) that would increase both your
traffic and conversion rates.

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 Types of ads you can do with Google Ads

 How the Google AdWords ranking system works

 Google's Quality Score

 How to do keyword research for Search Ads

 Running Campaigns with Google Ads

 How to write great search ads that convert

 How to evaluate and optimize your campaigns

In this chapter, you will learn and evaluate which social media channels are best for your business and how to use each one of them to create buzz and social interest around your brand as well as your products and services using the latest tactics and best-practices from ultra-successful companies around the world!

We’ll also dig deep into Facebook’s people-based advertising as they’ll learn how to use it to create incredibly targeted campaigns that supercharge your business growth.

Finally, they will know how to optimize and use social media channels like Instagram,
Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase their reach and grow their audience!

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 Examine the effects of the new Facebook Algorithm

 Tactics to grow your Facebook Page organically

  The Optimal campaign structure for Facebook Advertising

 How People-based targeting works on Facebook

 Explore the different types of Facebook objectives

 How to run A/B Tests on Facebook

 Examine Facebook Ad Insights

  How to reach influencers on Instagram, Twitter and other social channels

  Analyse, Evaluate and Optimize your performance on social media channels

Here, you will find out why video is so important, and how to use it to create
content that is going to increase your brand’s reach and engage their audience. They will also get to know the YouTube user interface in depth and how to grow your viewership as well as the number of subscribers they have on their channel.

Additionally, they’ll learn the most important metrics to look for when analyzing the
performance and the subsequent optimization of their content. Finally, they’ll learn
how create video ads for YouTube.

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 Develop a YouTube marketing strategy for your business

 Explore the different types of videos you can do for your business

  Examine how to build and grow your YouTube Audience

 Develop an understanding of the SEO factors that lead to higher ranking on YouTube

 Compare and contrast the tactics that can be used to monetize your YouTube Channel

Email is not dead! In fact, it is still one of the highest converting marketing channels!

In this chapter, students will learn how to choose your email marketing software and learn how to create and grow their email list.

They’ll also learn how to segment that list and how to customize their message for each of these segments.

Finally, they’ll learn how to use MailChimp to create stunningly beautiful responsive emails with ease to perfect their message to leads!

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 Explore the many benefits of email marketing

 Compare and contrast the most popular platforms for conducting email marketing   Examine the steps necessary to set up your email campaign using MailChimp  Analyse the main elements of emails and how to optimize each  Measure and optimize your campaigns with MailChimp  Explore the tactics you can use for growing an email list

In the first section of the final chapter, students will get the chance to reach your customers on the go by optimizing their website and emails for mobile users.

They’ll also learn how to create SMS campaigns using standard tools. In addition to that, they will learn how Local SEO plays an important part in Mobile Marketing Next, students will get know more about proximity marketing and how it works using beacon technology. Finally, they will learn how (and whether) to use mobile apps to engage more of their customers.

In the second section of the final chapter of CDM, students will understand what affiliate marketing is and the underlying concepts behind it.

We’ll also take them step-by-step into the main elements of a successful affiliate program and how they can create one for their business to reach more of their audience.

Finally, they’ll learn how to manage affiliates in a program, dealing with recruitment and policing through ensuring effective communication and engagement

Topics Discussed Here Include:

 How to assess your website’s mobile performance through user testing

 How to analyse and improve load times for your website on mobile   The main concepts behind mobile-first design

 The importance of Local SEO for mobile marketing

 The reasons behind building an app and how to build it  The different approaches you can take when monetizing your app

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Certified Digital Marketer (cdm)

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