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The C|BP training provides a thorough overview of blockchain technology and its implementation in the real world. The course begins with the technical foundations of blockchain, such as distributed and decentralized systems, cryptography and mining. Here you will learn about the mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies and how to develop decentralized applications using Ethereum as well as Hyperledger for enterprise frameworks. To sit for the exams you need to attend the C|BP Training.

  • 40 Hours
  • 18 Chapters
  • 10 Labs
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C|BP Certification Exams are developed in line with the latest industry trends to help current and aspiring Blockchain practitioners assume successfully the Blockchain Professional job role and transform business operations with the use of Blockchain networks and technologies. The C|BP Certification verifies that its holder demonstrates sufficient knowledge and skills in developing and implementing blockchain networks and technologies. To obtain the certification you need to pass the C|BP exams.

  • 3 Hours
  • 100 Questions
  • 70% passing score
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C|BP Exam Eligibility

The C|BP Exam Eligibility Application allows highly experienced Blockchain Technology professionals in the C|BP domains to sit for the C|BP exams without having to attend the C|BP training.

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Who is it for?

C|BP Course is developed to help aspiring professionals gain excessive knowledge in blockchain technology and its implication on businesses & beyond.

To attend the 5-days course and be able to integrate Blockchain functionalities into business operations, commercial applications, or open source peer-to-peer transactions you need some technical experience, skills and/or qualifications as follows:

  • Basic Exposure in Programming Languages (Required)
  • Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrencies (Preferred)
  • Experience with Bitcoin and Ether (Preferred)


For technology makers (developers, programmers, coders) equipped with the basic understanding of programming languages and technical knowledge to deep dive into blockchain development, strategy and implementation.
(5 days training)

C|BP Training Overview

To support the growing demand for skilled Blockchain professionals, IIB Council, introduces the Certified Blockchain Professional (C|BP) Training and Certification Program for Developers and Business Technology Professionals. The course aims to bring practitioners up to speed with the industry requirements while forming the global standards in the Blockchain Industry, one of the fastest growing disciplines.

The C|BP course provides a 100% hands-on thorough overview of blockchain technology and its implementation to the real world. The C|BP Certification consists of three knowledge and competency areas in Blockchain Technology: Development, Implementation and Strategy. During the course, students will not only be exposed to multiple blockchain implementation concepts but they will also be immersed to a unique guideline for sustainable and scalable blockchain development with the use of quantum resistant ledgers.


Developing blockchain solutions in line with industry requirements.


Implementing Blockchain Solutions in line with the business needs.


Understanding blockchain potential and limitations in relation to corporate Governance, Compliance and Regulation. 

C|BP Non-Technical Training

C|BP Program has also been made available for non-technical audiences such as business leads and policymakers that do not command any programming language but are interested primarily on blockchain strategy, policy and commercialization.


For decision makers (unit leaders, growth executives and technology innovators) interested in leading blockchain based projects. 



For policy makers (government officials, regulators and compliance officers) assigned with Blockchain related cases.

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C|BP Program Pricing

C|BP 5-days Training and Certification Program can be attended online via the following options

Self Study


1 Year access to the online training material and exam portal.


Self Paced


1 year access to the online video tutorials, training material and exam voucher.

*(available November 2018)




Live Online Instructor-led training with 1 year access to the online training material and exam portal.


Or join a live class in your region

Attend C|BP Training in a live physical class as delivered by an authorized training partner in your region.

Bahrain - BIBF
6 January to 10 January 2019Sign up
Fleming Events
18th - 22nd November 2018Sign up
Mahen Technologies Pvt Ltd
Borivali- Mumbai
12th - 16th November 2018Sign up
Mahen Technologies Pvt Ltd
Borivali- Mumbai
10th - 25th November 2018Sign up
CBP iWeek
10th - 25th November 2018Sign up
ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd
1st - 2nd November 2018Sign up
Mahen Technologies Pvt Ltd
Borivali- Mumbai
20 October - 3rd November 2018Sign up
ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd
20th October - 17th November 2018Sign up
ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd
15th - 19th October 2018Sign up
C|BP 1st Bootcamp
1st Sep to 15th SepSign up
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