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Start a New Career as a Certified Blockchain Professional with our Intensive 40 hours C|BP Bootcamp

Take the fast track to develop the essential practical skills that you need to become a Certified Blockchain Professional. The program is scheduled for weekends only to allow professionals to attend the live online training the month of November 2018.

360 Content

C|BP program is a 360°, vendor agnostic and practical course that covers a wide variety of different blockchain technologies, networks and development ecosystems. The course focuses also on Blockchain's current and future potential through various industry use cases.

100% Hands-On Training

C|BP course digs deep into the main characteristics and features of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) by allowing the students to practice blockchain development and implementation in real world environments.

Proprietary Framework

C|BP course immerses students to a Sustainable, Scalable and Secure Blockchain Development Framework using Quantum Computing that aims to address industry mass adoption issues.

Global Recognition

Sets the global standards in Blockchain Profesional Skillset with an Internationally Accredited Certification.

Live Q&As

Have your questions answered live from an expert trainer

1 year access

While the course is best attended live, you can still have access to the training materials

Who is it for

Full Stack Developers and programmers

who want to differentiate themselves from the 5 million IT Professionals market worldwide!

Tech Career Climbers

who are looking to supercharge their career by learning the latest blockchain technologies and tools so they can add incredible value to their company and get that next promotion!

IT Freelancers

who would like to make money on the side by developing solutions on one of the most in-demand technology networks.

Tech-savvy Entrepreneurs

who want to gain a competitive edge by powering their business operations with Blockchain Technology.

C|BP Schedule


10th November 2018

1. Introduction: Blockchain Technology
2. Crypto Assets
3. Blockchain Mining

11th November 2018

4. Bitcoin
5. Sustainable Blockchain
6. Ethereum

17th November 2018

7. Decentralized Applications (DApps)
8. AI and Blockchain
9. Impact on Industry
10. Industry Use Cases

18th November 2018

11. IOT and Blockchain
12. Blockchain Project Implementation
14. Scalable Blockchain

25th November 2018

15. Security in Blockchain (Secure Blockchain)
16. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
17. Open research problems in Blockchain

C|BP Prerequisites

To attend the 5 days course and be able to integrate Blockchain functionalities into business operations, commercial applications, or open source peer-to-peer transactions you need some technical experience, skills and/or qualifications as follows:

Exposure in Programming Languages (Required)

Blockchain’s APIs support at least six programming languages (Python, Django, C++, HTML, Javascript, Node, so if you’re planning to attend C|BP training you will need to be proficient at least in one with which you will be able to integrate Blockchain’s services. While Blockchain developers are proficient in the language they select for their project, aspiring Professionals need to have at least an overview of the blockchain supporting languages to smoothly decide which one to pick to integrate Blockchain functionalities with the rest of their applications.

Experience with Bitcoin and Ether (Preferred)

Understanding the theory behind cryptocurrencies may be useful. Having actual experience in transacting with these currencies allows you to introduce better, more innovative and more user-friendly blockchain powered solutions. Experience in blockchain’s most popular implementation, Bitcoin and Ether, allows you to better understand the needs of the organization, and provide suitable solutions that are in line with business architecture and business objectives.

Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrencies (Preferred)

Understand how bitcoins and ethers work. It is advisable to have some Blockchain programming foundations already. This includes an understanding of how a blockchain serves as the backbone that powers digital currencies.


Nishanth Kumar

Passion driven professional with total experience of 5+ years providing Advisory, Consulting, Managed Services and Training in Blockchain, Cyber Security & Information Security domain for various sectors like Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing and Information Technology enabling companies to implement & maintain 360 degree security posture of Personal and Business Information.

  • Build Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure for Dubai Municipality and Dubai Statistics Center
  • Security Audit (Network, Application, Node, Platform ) for RSK Blockchain Platform
  • Smart Contract Audit and Assessment for “Dapphub”
  • Application to track Diamonds life cycle ( from Manufacturing till it is sold to Customer ) on Multichain
  • E-Commerce website for Selling and Tracking Jewelry on Ethereum
  • Build an ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Web Platform on Ethereum

What You Will Get

1-year access to:

40 hours Instructor-led sessions

eCourseware (+certificate of Completion)

Lab Guide & Lab Manuals

Mock Exam Voucher

Final Exam Voucher (+ Certification upon passing exams)

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