Become an IIB Council Certified Blockchain Instructor

To qualify as a CBP Instructor the applicant needs to demonstrate professional experience equivalent to a minimum of 24 accumulative points from the total of 9 domains mentioned in the list below, distributed as following:

  • One (1) year experience in Blockchain Development (24 points).


  • One (1) year experience in Blockchain Implementation (12 points).


Another 12 points from the remaining 7 blockchain domains in Cryptocurrency Mining, Full Stack Development, Management Consulting, Project Management, Operational Management, Information Security Management, Finance and Strategic Planning.

The C|BP Blockchain Domains


To qualify you need cumulatively 24 points either from Domain 1 alone or 12 points from Domain 2 and 12 points from Domains 3 to 9 together.

1. Blockchain Development (1 month = 2 points)

  • Understand one or more of the following Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies: Ethereum, Multichain, Openchain, Exonum, Ripple, Chain, BlockApps, Corda, and/or Monax/Eris.
  • Understand Agile development using continuous integration and/or other DevOps tooling.
  • Understand various distributed consensus methodologies (Mining, PoS, Paxos, etc.).
  • Understand at least 2 programming languages: Nodejs frameworks, Java, Go, C, C++, JavaScript, Scala, Python, Kotlin and relevant/appropriate unit testing frameworks.
  • Understand advanced/state-of-the-art cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/priv key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures.

2. Blockchain Implementation (1 month = 1 point)

  • Has documented evidence of being part of a blockchain technology implementation project.
  • Solid understanding of peer-to-peer networks and consensus mechanisms.
  • Proven analytical abilities including identification of unconventional trends and emerging technologies.
  • Understand the future of blockchain technology, web3, and low-level protocol development.

3. Cryptocurrency Mining (1 month = 1 point)

  • Understand Crypto algorithms.
  • Understand tokenization, ICOs and IPOs, wallets and exchanges.
  • Knowledge of Mining, Hashing, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), P2P Networking and Merkle trees.
  • Experience working in an Agile and DevOps environment.
  • Experience in PHP/Python/Go/Scala development.

4. Full Stack Development (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • Documented experience with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, SQL, PHP, .NET, MVC etc.
  • Familiarity with structured data, APIs and protocol stacks.
  • Experience with Unix / Linux, scripting technologies, and analytics domain.
  • Design Patterns, N Tier Architecture, Testing, Agile principles.

5. Management Consulting (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • Define activities needed to successfully execute the project, estimate activity duration and develop a schedule and staffing plan.
  • Develop, manage and monitor the program budget, estimate and control the costs of the individual projects.
  • Identify, negotiate, acquire, and manage the resources needed for a successful design and implementation.
  • Assign clear information security personnel job functions, and provide continuous training to ensure effective performance and accountability.

6. Project Management (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • Project management qualification evidenced by relevant certification.
  • Experienced in Agile, Lean, SCRUM or Waterfall.
  • Set and continually manage project and program expectations while delegating and managing deliverable with team members and stakeholders.
  • Extensive understanding of project and program management principles, methods and techniques.
  • Experience of leading Business Strategies, Business Plans/Cases, Vendor Selection/Assessments, Resource Development Plans, Team Building, RFPs, etc.

7. Operational Management (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • Ensure that communication between departments is ongoing and utilized to maintain an environment of continuous improvement and growth.
  • Coordinates activities that affect operational decisions and business requirements.
  • Responsible for the production, procurement, and planning of daily operations.
  • Managing budgets and costs effectively in respect of the planning process.
  • Ensure key performance indicators are in place and production targets are met.
  • Implementation of any new policies and procedures relating to the production process.

8. Information Security Management (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • CEH, CHFI or CISO certified.
  • Design a systematic and structured risk assessment process and establish, in coordination with stakeholders, an information security risk management program.
  • based on standards and procedures and ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Identify changes to risk management policies and processes and ensure the risk management program remains current with the emerging risk and threat.
  • environment and in alignment with the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Define the scope of the enterprise continuity of operations program to address business continuity, business recovery, contingency planning, and disaster.
  • recovery/related activities.
  • Develop a plan to identify a potential security violation and take appropriate action to report the incident.

9. Finance and Strategic Planning (1 month = 0.5 points)

  • Prepare and record asset, liability, revenue, and expenses entries by compiling and analyzing information.
  • Analyze, forecast and develop the operational budget.
  • Monitor and oversee cost management of projects, return on investment (ROI) of key purchases and ensure alignment with the strategic plan.
  • Identify and report financial metrics to stakeholders.
  • Define a forward-looking, visionary and innovative strategic plan with clear goals, objectives, and targets that support the operational needs of the organization.




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