7 Top Reasons Why Marketers Need a Digital Marketing Certification

These days more and more clients are not only interested in seeing marketing results, but they also want to know whether you have had a formal education and training in your area of expertise. They appreciate the time you’ve taken to prove your digital savvy and distinguish yourself. That’s the reason why companies have created certification programs that help people become better digital marketers. Being “certified” can help you get more customers, and even get you promoted.

There are 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Working on a Digital Marketing Certification:

1. Foster your credibility

Having an official certificate from a trustworthy digital marketing institution is a big deal. Clients will trust you even more and choose you over other competitors. When you are a fresh graduate, a certification could help you bridge the gap between your degree and area of interest, which can make a difference for those who want to build their career. In other words, it would serve as an entry ticket by laying a strong foundation of what and where to get things. It will also add weight to your resume for interviews.

2. Grow with the digital era

As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, digital marketing is a booming career option. According to firstpost.com, about 90% of the brands spend 15% of their total budget on digital marketing. Therefore, taking a proper digital marketing course is the best option. A good training program will provide mentorship, learn structure, and provide an opportunity to open up a network with like-minded people.

3. Become and stay valuable

If you’re seeking a job, a certification is a great tiebreaker. If you are a recent graduate, you’ll likely soon find out that your university courses fell a little short of modern marketing standards. With a digital marketing certification, you can stay current for future employment. The digital marketing industry rarely dips.

4. Diverse Opportunities

Digital marketing includes multiple areas for specialization from which to choose:

• Strategy

• Customer service and business development

• Creative

• Media planning

5. Transferable Skills

Digital marketing is being used by companies at all levels. You can take all the marketing skills you built in one industry and transfer them to another. The theme can change, but the underlying skills and technology will be the same.

6. Get Hired by Big Companies
7. You Can Kickstart Your Own Career

In traditional careers, like advertising, you would have to wait for an internship to gain more experience and create your own portfolio. However, the digital marketing world provides huge opportunities for you to kick-start your career before you even set foot in the workplace. A digital marketing certification can help you boost your CV and showcase your digital marketing knowledge.

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