Claims Leaders from Amerisure, American Modern, Zurich and More Share Insights on Connected Claims Transformation

Ahead of this year’s Connected Claims Europe Summit (September 18th & 19th, Amsterdam), Insurance Nexus spoke to global thought leaders working in Claims (from AXA Insurance, American Modern Insurance Group, Zurich and more), to understand how they are preparing to meet exceptionally high customer expectations.

The report, The Future of Customer-Led, Technology-Driven Claims, explores how advances in technology, from artificial intelligence to drones and mobile communications methods, are enabling an unprecedented variety of possibilities for insurers, promising unprecedented operational efficiency, the provision of seamless customer experiences and delivery of highly personalised and relevant products.

The 14-page report comes with:

10 infographics detailing insurer technology investments, transformation priorities and strategy, and the insurers tipped for the top by their peers

7 up-close-and-personal interviews from global claims thought leaders on how they are driving profitability and satisfying customers

CEO thought-leadership: Hear exclusively from Andreas Kleiner (American Modern) on specific technological investments that are transforming their organisation

400+ insurance executive opinions: We back every vital statistic provided, because it’s come directly from the market

Customer, operations, technology and C-Suite– Every crucial claims role has been covered as part of the report- take strategy back to your department

AI, ML, IoT, Drones, Blockchain, Portals– Get your technology strategy right by benchmarking your innovation against the market leaders

Your next steps: This report gives real insight on where your future strategy must head in order to satisfy customers and maximise profitability

One common thread throughout our interviews was the emphasis on customer expectations as a significant driver of claims transformation; although a disruptive phenomenon, Martin Ashfield, Claims Technical Director at AXA acknowledges that “hugely increased customer expectations…has been a positive trend and [it is] quite right that the insurance industry has had to up its game.” The subsequent primacy attached to customer expectations was also clear to see; “We put the customer at the centre of everything we do,” says Andreas Kleiner, CEO & President, American Modern. “Not just with claims management, but throughout our organisation.”

This sentiment is echoed by Zurich Digital Distribution Director Alessandro Paoli, who concedes that “modern customers want 24-hour access, [be it] web, apps, interactions with chatbots or contact centres”, and for an insurer to take customer-centricity seriously, “these requests need to be

delivered immediately.” While the path to take may not be, the benefits of claims transformation are, however, clear to see; “positive claims service experiences lead to a much higher retention ratio as well as to new business acquisitions,” explains Jon Thornton, Vice President of Claim Operations, Westfield Insurance. Other contributors to this whitepaper were Cal Hankins, Vice President of Claims, CSAA Insurance Group, Fausto Martin, Fausto J. Martin & Co. and Laura Pierman, Vice President of Claim Operations, Amerisure.

The whitepaper, The Future of Customer-Led, Technology-Driven Claims, was produced in conjunction with Insurance Nexus’s upcoming Fourth Annual Connected Claims Europe Summit 2019, taking place 18-19 September at the Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands.

Featuring case-studies, practical strategies and interactive sessions, Connected Claims Europe will see over 250 senior claims leaders (including 70% insurers) hear from expert speakers on how to reduce costs through efficient processing of claims, incorporate dynamic customer communication to enhance the customer experience, develop strategies to implement new initiatives and more. For more information about Connected Claims Europe 2019, please visit the website or get in touch with me.

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