Introducing Peter, The Young Project Manager

Hello! I’m Peter and this is my story. 

My name is Peter and I enrolled in the C|PM course last year. After taking the course my professional life completely changed, which is why I want to share my experience with you.

First, I need to clarify that before taking the course I had some misconceptions regarding project management (PM). I previously thought PM was about large construction projects, buildings, and machinery worth millions of dollars.
But in reality, PM can be used in almost any setting. Everyone from: teachers, students, wedding planners, office workers, and do-it-yourselfers can employ the core skills of project management. These skills can help professionals’ working lives run more smoothly, and ensure a greater chance of success.

I am 26 years old and I am now working for XYZCO Ltd as a Junior Project Manager. Previously, I was working for the same company last year in operations as a multi-task assistant.

After completing the course, I have more responsibility, a better salary, and I feel I am bringing greater value to the organization.

I had worked with lots of project managers on multiple projects, however, and I was not always satisfied with the way they worked and how they would assign tasks to the team. Bad organization and a lack of communication often negatively impacted project outcomes.

I decided to discover what PM is, to help myself and my teammates finish our tasks and achieve our goals more easily and effectively.
Finding a rigorous project management course was challenging. I searched a lot and found different methodologies, books, and certifications.

I was confused in the beginning and I found it difficult to decide which approach or which course I should take until I received the C|PM brochure that explained the content of the course. You can see the brochure for yourself here: C|PM Brochure

I found it comprehensive, cohesive, easy to understand, and exactly what I was looking for. With a smart project management approach, the C|PM course provides the knowledge you need to start a new career in PM or to advance your career.

After completing the training, there were thorough practice tests that helped me prepare for the final exam. I found the practice test VERY helpful and I passed the exam successfully with an 87%! As soon as I passed, I knew that I was ready to make a change in my professional life. My manager also noticed this change and as a result, I received much more interesting and challenging assignments. I never thought about leading a team or being a project manager, and I was surprised when my boss chose me to lead my first project!

When I heard this news, I thought immediately about all the knowledge I gained and that I am proudly a certified project manager C|PM!

It was my first project, and because of my team, stakeholder collaboration, and senior manager encouragement, I achieved 90% of the goals set by the project management office. I think it is a promising beginning!

That was my story. How about yours?

Get certified and be a Project Manager! 

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