How to Start Your Blockchain Career (Blockchain Career Guide 2019)

Things are sure tough for web developers. Being in a job sector that faces a large growth rate, being unique and yet reliable is of utmost importance. Thus, many developers seek out niches where they can specialize their skills and still earn good money. However, paving your way towards stardom is never easy, especially with the increased competition that has the same goals.

Thus, many developers are now jumpstarting a new industry, one that is in the process of expansion – blockchain. With application in different industries widening every day, the new technology calls for web developers to join it as the number of companies wishing to implement the system is steadily increasing. In this article, you’ll get to know how to switch your career direction towards blockchain and the steps necessary to do so.

Blockchain: A Force to Reckon With

Started in 2009 by Bitcoin, blockchain technology came as a breath of fresh air for many companies. However, it took a better part of the decade for its evolution to really work, due to the lack of support by the tech community. Now, however, supporters behind blockchain work tirelessly to bring about the revolution in numerous industries. Overall, cryptocurrencies that came about as a result of blockchain networks hold $140 billion worth of value.

Blockchain, in its purest form, offers a network built upon the ledger records of transactions made by users within. The online form of currency called cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others carry these transactions. Ledger records cannot be easily reversed since the control of the network does not reside in a single hand. As such, it proposes numerous benefits for systems that seek protection against cyber-attacks and turbulent markets.

Opportunities for Blockchain Developers

Companies involved with blockchain are on the rise at the moment. More importantly, the trend is only picking up, due to how crypto prices spiked last year. Web developers with sound knowledge of blockchain network coding can find jobs either in firms that are implementing a blockchain system or in companies that provide such service.

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If office work may not be your thing, you can provide services remotely as well. After all, the digital world we live in right now allows individuals to form their own teams and work for companies all over the globe. Blockchain network revolves around cryptography and coding, things that web developers are quite familiar with anyway.

There is a lot of interest in the technology, with newbies asking around about how to best utilize or create a blockchain network. If you become a pro, chances are that your suggestions and tips could become really valuable for someone else. Thus, you can become an online tutor for audiences that know nothing about blockchain and earn revenues through this channel as well.

Be part of a Community

Communities proved to be invaluable sources of knowledge and support for many starters throughout the globe. Blockchain has a tight knot market that is still growing, making its communities slightly smaller than with other industries. However, we view it as a positive feature, since people tend to quickly familiarize with each other and root out scammers fairly quickly.

Joining such communities for blockchain developers would mean access to a shared pool of knowledge and contacts for work as well. Beginners can educate themselves regarding back-end and front-end coding, blockchain development, smart contracts, and more. With so many old players around, you can

be sure that mentors are easy to find. Moreover, healthy debates can help you harness knowledge from groups on social media, forums especially.

The blockchain is not only About Cryptocurrencies

Many people falsely believe that blockchains are there to allow cryptos to flow around. The truth cannot be further away, as the network facilitates numerous features. It primarily serves as a decentralized public ledger, recording all activities online for all to see. Additionally, it creates a sphere for users to carry out transactions and file transfers in a secure way, with or without cryptocurrencies involved.

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Thus, companies like IBM implemented their own system which does not hold tokens or any other digital currencies. It can serve as an accounting system in supply chains, meaning that it is applicable across different industries. Cryptos are but one small application of blockchain.

Becoming a Blockchain Web Developer There are numerous guides on how to code within a blockchain network. However, we wish to provide a general direction for our readers to follow. Thus, following these steps, you should consult with devs already in the field. Online guides are also there, numerous in number and infinitely useful.

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Basically, find out what blockchain is and how it functions. Chain of blocks, decentralized system, consensus mechanism, and smart contracts would be a good starting point. Cryptography is a must with blockchain, especially if you are looking for FinTech solutions. As a web developer, understanding the concept and the goal of blockchain is of immense importance.

Step 2: Mapping out Development Process

You start off with ledger record system and how information flows within a blockchain network. Blocks, as the main pillars of the system, carry out information regarding a certain transaction/transfer within the network. As such, learning blocks first is a must. Then, map out how users interact and how smart contracts work. It would help you design a skeleton of the system from the beginning.

Step 3: Blockchain Coding

As mentioned before, blocks have their own codes to learn. JavaScript comes in quite handy here. SHA256 hash function details out the block in terms of information contained and how a block functions. You start with a genesis block (first ever block) and continue with adding more.

Validating the chain of blocks is necessary as well, as it stabilizes the network and protects it from unauthorized access. After that, you only need to figure out how smart contracts work using a variety of coding tools. The back-end programming requires most of the efforts needed. Front-end is challenging and yet necessary as well.

Knowledge regarding C++, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is a must at this stage. However, different networks might use other coding languages as well.


Now, you have a starting ground on where to find information and of what kind. Blockchain is an exciting world to participate in and our community is there to help you should you stumble along the way. Keep asking questions, find a mentor, read online coding guides and you will get there.

Experience works wonders and by becoming a blockchain developing expert, you will see a lot of new opportunities open up for you in the near future.

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