Open Innovation in Banking Summit

We are proud to present Europe’s first focused Summit on “Open Innovation in Banking”. Open Innovation has emerged as one of the most topical subjects in banking today. The current business landscape sees banks caught between an uncertain world economy and growing costs of innovation. They face pressure to reduce costs and introduce innovative products. There is also a threat of disintermediation by financial technology (FinTech) firms, which are looking to provide more innovative services than banks but at lower costs. In this era of competition, Banks are turning to FinTechs so they could work together (in a Sandbox) and build a testing environment for new technologies, processes, and products. Open Innovation involves sharing and cooperation between companies. It is set to transform the banking of the future and aims to help the financial sector to fuel innovation through partnerships and collaborations with various start-ups, FinTechs. This unique event will be jointly represented by 15+ leading speakers who are driving this new momentum and it aims to gather about 100 attendees who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.
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