All You Need to Know About Facebook Pixel

Out of all the incredible tools that Facebook has created for marketers, Facebook Pixel is perhaps the most useful and powerful.

Facebook Pixel allows you to monitor how successful your Facebook ads actually are by giving you precise and accurate conversion rates and creating custom audience based on site traffic.

Why do you need Facebook pixel?

Basically, here are the three-main things that Facebook pixel does for you:

Track Conversions/Events  

If your conversion aims in bringing traffic to your landing page or website and you want to know if they are effective or not. So here is what Facebook pixel helps you track it. It monitors all of that, so you can see whether your ads are performing well or not.

Optimize Facebook Adverts

Facebook is smart, like really smart. The more conversion you get the smarter Facebook gets. Yes, you heard it right, the more data Facebook pixel acquires it is more likely to convert the action you want them to take on. For example you are running an ad to reach out an audience of 1 million people, with Facebook pixel it has to try and find the people within that 1 million that are most likely to convert/take the action you want them to take (whether that’s engaging with your page, clicking on your ad or converting on a specific offer) and without Facebook Pixel Facebook has less of an idea on who to serve that ad to, so it’s going to serve the ad to anyone within that 1 million.

Build custom/retargeting audiences

Last but not the least, Facebook pixel allows you to create retargeting audience based on the people who have visited your site. Whether it’s Facebook or any other source such as Google, if someone has visited your website, pixel tracks them and helps you to create custom audience. The pixel contains data on site visitors for 180 days, meaning that if someone visited your website 180 days ago, you can still target them with an ad. You can go as accurate as you like, for example, you can target people who have visited specific pages on your site, targeting them with a specific ad.

Reaching the right audience

One of the huge mistake that people make while running Facebook ads is targeting the wrong people. If your targeted audience isn’t interested in your offer or content, your campaign is never going to work. With the pixel you will be able to target people who have already visited your website.

Lookalike audience

One of the coolest thing that pixel does it for you is lookalike audience. Lookalike audience are created from the custom audience (as mentioned above). Making it one of the most powerful way to find new and relevant audience, pixel tracks our website traffic (custom audience) and asks Facebook to find more people that match the same category of people who have already visited our website.

Isn’t it the coolest thing that pixel does it for you?

Waste less money on ads

In an everyday life we make assumptions on what we think is going to work, and then we test it and see if its working or not.

The more the data we have the more it helps us to take a better and precise decision regarding the performance of the running Facebook ad campaign. Yes, all of it won’t have been possible to do without pixel.


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