9 Types of Content You Should NEVER Post on Marketing Channels

Have you ever wondered any of the following?

Why are there no new followers on your channel lately?
Why is my number of followers is decreasing over time?
What have I made on my channels?

Today, with over 10,000 million active users on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, the competition among brands over online channels has become more intense than ever. Just a few mistakes in creating content on your marketing channels can easily decrease your rankings.

Here are 9 types of content that you should NEVER post on your channels:

1. Photos (of your events) that are not high quality can affect your brand image

2. Links that do not go to your targeted Landing Page

Do not make your customers confused by sending them to a website that doesn’t provide answers. You need to be careful when embedding links from your website to other marketing channels.

3. Small-brand mind-set

Instead, using a big-brand approach can engage your followers with valuable lessons.

4. Posts that cannot drive any real-time conversations

Try not to post articles that create a one-sided conversation with customers. Instead, you should create multiple posts with two-way conversations to better understand your customers, such as asking for their feedback on particular issues.

5. Revealing extreme views on race, religion, or politics

This will affect the image of your company severely, as your comments may face multiple objections from opposing sides.

6. Photos that do not illustrate what you are saying on your channels

Readers come to you to find an answer to problems they encounter. If you use improper graphics to illustrate your articles, you may lose a large number of followers, as they themselves do not benefit from following your channels.

7. Overly informative posts that provide no benefits to your customers

As mentioned, your customers can unfollow your page if they do not find any solutions to their problems on your channels. Therefore, if you only give your customers articles that do not address their concerns with concrete examples, they may leave you without a word.

8. Posts things without an objective or purpose

In fact, you need to select the content carefully to ensure that you only upload quality posts. However, not every article will inspire interest from your customers. Therefore, having a clear goal for each article will help you measure how interested your audience is for each content type and whether the article will help you reach your initial goal or not.

For example, set a goal to measure customer interaction with an article by the number of comments, likes, or shares. If these indicators are lower than what you expected, you need to evaluate the content comprehensively and provide better content next time.

9. Posts that don’t encourage your customer to retweet or share

Normally, your articles need to have a call to action (CTA) at the end to make sure they will be shared. In this case, people who share your article will become reliable promoters, bringing you closer to your potential customers without having to run ads for your articles.

In conclusion, to protect your brand reputation and maintain your brand image, you need to take notice of the above mistakes and be extra careful about what you post on marketing channels.

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