5 Tactics to save your Facebook Ads Campaign

Becoming successful on Facebook today requires much more than just posting incredible content. Pushing out beautifully created content is one part of the story.  

The other part is distribution. 

This is becoming even more important today with the organic reach of Facebook’s News Feed showing an incessant decline and increased competition 

Therefore, running Facebook Campaigns today demands the advertisers to use special tactics to make sure the content reaches more and more people in their target audience. 

Facebook Marketing has helped millions of businesses reach the right audience and get conversions. With the increasing investments in the world of Digital Marketing, it is crucial for advertisers to learn the ‘art of social media’.  

To help you run better Facebook Campaigns, here are the Top 5 Facebook Advertising Tactics you can apply and get results. 

1. Implement a Diversified and Comprehensive Targeting

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, reaching the ‘most people’ is something advertiser should quit expecting. Instead, make sure the entire Facebook Campaign is reaching the ‘right people’. Facebook provides the feature to understand your audience through ‘Audience Insights’ tool. 

Implement a Diversified and Comprehensive Targeting - IIB Council Marketing Blog Post

To leverage the Audience Insights feature of Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/and select ‘People connected to your Page’ from the shown options. 

Facebook Audience - IIB Council Marketing Blog Post

Once you are into the Audience Insights window, start filtering down the shown information using the panel present on the left-hand side. 

The data presented in the Audience Insights can be drilled down to create even more targeted ads. Such newfound learnings can be leveraged to create appropriate ad copies to connect with your customers effectively. 

Alternatively, you can also do the same with “everyone on Facebook” which can let you in on new markets that you’ve not reached out to yet, and help you make your targeting more laser-focused even before spending a penny on advertising to those audiences! 

2. Forget Selling without a Story

Who would you buy a product from – a guy who’s trying to make a desperate sell or a guy who has a compelling story behind the product he’s selling? 

The choice is pretty obvious, right? 

Telling and consuming stories is an integral part of our communication. The art of storytelling is something that can help businesses build relationships with their potential customers.  

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, the power of storytelling can never be underestimated. Storytelling before making that final pitch can help you capture the interest of your prospective customers. 

Adaptly, a social media advertising and service agency conducted a study on a fashion publisher, Refinery29. The study found that whenever the fashion brand ran an ads sequence, their conversion rates increased by 56 percent! That’s the power of storytelling. 

Storytelling Facebook Ads - IIB Council Marketing Blog Post

Another great tactic regarding storytelling, that almost every advertiser should practice, is ‘hiding information to hook the customer’. Nothing is better than a curious prospective customer. One of the great examples is companies like Upworthy with the tagline – ‘You’ll never believe what happened next!’ When you hide a crucial part of the story, the audience would want to get to the bottom of the story. Curiosity is hard to resist. 

Purple is an online brand that sells mattresses. Their USP is that they manufacture mattresses that pass the ‘raw egg test’. Although the ad above looks absolutely simple, it does not fail to capture the imagination and attention of the audience. 

3. Track Performance and change accordingly

Social Media is where the modern attention lies. With the help of modern data tracking technologies, it has become easier for advertisers to track the performance and results of their ads i.e. the attention has been well-tracked and well-tapped. 

One of the best Facebook Advertising tactics that we are going to share here is about realizing the massive opportunities you have to improve the performance of your ads. A far majority of the Facebook advertisers run their campaigns and then check the results once the campaign is completed and budget exhausted. 

We highly recommend not doing that because tracking your Facebook ads campaign in real-time will help you better determine if your ads are connecting and relating with your target audience or not. Ads that experience lower clicks would require optimizing the CTA. Lower engagement might be resolved with an updated creative and a lower reach can be fixed by manipulating the audience targeting. Making such adjustments while the campaign is still running and showing results is highly recommended. 

You can view the performance of your ads in the Ads Manager Console. 

Facebook Ads Performance - IIB Council Marketing Blog Post

The changes can be made to the following without scraping your entire campaign

  1. Audience Targeting 
  2. Budget and Schedule 
  3. Facebook optimization 
  4. Ads Placements 
  5. Ads Creative 

4. Right Metrics for Right Results

blog 7

Your Facebook Ads Campaign will be of no use if you are not clear about how you’ll measure the success of your ads. You would have to sit with your team and figure out the metrics that you would want to target and see positive changes in. 

Most marketers around the world don’t track their ads beyond likes and reach. If you are trying to generate leads you will want to keep a tab on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and the number of leads generated. On the other hand, if you are trying to generate sales, you would want to track your Conversion Rate, the number of conversions, as well as cost per conversion (so you can determine your ROI more accurately and see if you need any adjustments). 

Figure out the results your business would like to have and start tracking the metrics that can help you understand the effectiveness of your Facebook Ad Campaign. 

5. Apply the Long-term Approach

When running ads for your business on Facebook, it is very important to have a long-term approach at the back of your mind. The reason is simple. Understanding Facebook Ads is one thing. Mastering the platform is another.  

With more and more experimentation, you will discover new and ground-breaking realizations that will blow up your ad campaigns. But this will not necessarily happen in the beginning. Therefore, all your actions should have a long-term strategy. Once you are done with the ‘Why’ part of your campaigns, it is very important to have a thorough analysis of the ‘How’ part as well. Make sure the ads comply with your sales funnel and help you at least get a starting point to generate leads or sales. 


The success of Facebook Advertising needs no introduction. Your Facebook Advertising strategy will need minor tweaks here and there to help it fit your various target market segments. Even before creating a strategy to advertise on Facebook, we highly recommend you to understand and create ideal customer personas. Answering the Why, Who, What and Where will help you implement the above tactics much more efficiently. The ball, ladies and gentlemen, is now in your court. Hope you play well. 

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