5 Reasons Why You Should Build an Email List in 2019

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Email Marketing is not a thing of past.

It is very much alive and helping businesses create huge turnovers for over two decades now.

With the blooming penetration of internet in the world, leveraging this simple yet highly effective medium of communication has become all the more important.

Although there are more, in this piece of content, we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons why building an email list should be your business’ top priority.

So, let’s find it out!

1. Email Makes Customers Trust Your Brand

An email is a thread of words between you and your customer. Therefore, a customer might very well take your word for good.

This will only happen if you succeed in creating a trustworthy relationship with the customer. Emails help you do just that.

When a person in your email list gets a message from you, he or she opens it in the privacy of his or her inbox. It’s personal to them, unlike a publicly available billboard or social media ad.

With such intimacy, you can win the trust of the consumer. Customers feel like they are a part of a private conversation with their favorite brand and do not regret giving out their email address to you.

This gives customers the change to volunteer information with you so you can understand their needs better and develop your products accordingly.

2.You Own Your Email List

When you are running an online business, there are only two things you can have absolute control of – 1) Your Business Website, and 2) Your Email List.

Let’s take the example of big companies like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The people who are consuming the content on these platforms already belong to these companies.

When you have a website and customers subscribe to your newsletter after reading your exceptional content, the email list created is completely yours. That’s your data! Play with it. (not literally)

Unlike social media, where you are dependent on a social media platform, pursuing an email list is quite straightforward and highly rewarding.

3. Email involves Personalization

People like to be called by their name. In other words, people love things that are personal to them. An email from their favorite brand can instill the feeling of love and care in them.

Most people love reading an email that is personal and relevant to their needs. Doesn’t an email that starts with your name on the top interest you? Of course, it does!

Personalization is what makes your email marketing campaigns jump from ordinary to a whole new level of greatness. With email marketing services provided by Constant Contact and Drip, you can easily personalize your email campaigns.

Secondly, email is quite straightforward and direct. Every person in the list gets an email dropped in their inbox unlike social media, where a user would have to scroll through the news feed to get a relevant piece of content or information.

When you make space for yourself in an inbox shared by the customer’s family and friends, your emails do tend to feel personal.

4. Easily Convey your Message to Customers

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Have you ever wondered how many email users are there in the world? There are over 3.6 billion email users ready to click on your email message and read through!

Come the year 2022,  we will have more than 4.2 billion people communicating through emails. Not just that, studies have confirmed that a whopping 91% of the customers go through their emails at least once every day.

These numbers show why building an email list is a no brainer for modern businesses. When you send an email, it literally means that your customer is going to read the content created by you. You are in control and on the driver’s seat.

You determine the consequences of the email as your CTA determines the action that a customer will take. Therefore, when you send an email to your list of customers, your intended message gets easily communicated.

5. Email Catalyzes Profits

Building your email list benefit 5 - IIB Council Digital Marketing Blog

Once you develop a business website for your company, you will start to receive a footfall of visitors interested in your offerings. This is the situation when the power of perception comes into play.

Let’s assume that each of the visitors landing on your company’s website is a lead. Wouldn’t you want to make that visitor stay a little bit and get as much relevant information you can out of him?

Doesn’t ‘asking for their email address’ makes great sense here? Of course, it does because, with that piece of information, you can easily follow-up with a customer who shows interest in your product or service.

Think of it this way: The visitors who have subscribed to your email list already know about your company and the product. They have already shown their interest.

When you leverage this situation by sending out a weekly newsletter to them showing what offers you have and what new products you have launched, the interested visitor will definitely become a loyal customer one day.

How to grow an Email List?

There are numerous ways to start building an email list for your business. Some of the most popular ways include the following:

  • Lead Magnets

You can grow your email list by providing your visitor with some incentive in exchange for their email address. The incentive can be an eBook, a guide, or a report, and so on.

  • Giveaways

You can always run giveaways and ask the visitors for their email address to make an entry. Rev it up by providing them with extra entries when they share the giveaway on social media.

  • Create a Poll

Ask great poll questions that makes the visitor want to vote! Ask them for their email address in order to participate in the poll.

  • Discount Coupons

Running an E-commerce business? You can easily get your visitors excited by providing them with discounts and offers. All they would have to do is sign-up to your portal.

Over to You

Creating an Email list is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity which needs to be fulfilled if you want your online business to grow at a great pace without needing to rely on other channels that you don’t actually own (and more often than not will cost more money!).

We hope the above reasons persuade you enough to start developing your email marketing strategy and execute it with utmost enthusiasm.

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