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Hard Fork or Soft Fork - IIB Council Blockchain Blog - Featured Image
Blockchain Technology

Hard Forks vs. Soft Forks (and how they work with Blockchain)

When getting in started in blockchain, there are so many terms to keep track of.  You’ll need to be aware of terms such as divergence, circulating supply, tokens vs. blocks, nodes, and many others. But one term that is arguably the most important term to know and understand is forking.

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Blockchain in Healthcare Industry Featured Image - IIB Council Blockchain Blog
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and Healthcare (and why this is a game changer)

At the very heart of blockchain technology is a belief that people should control their own assets.  Whether it is their money, their entertainment, or even their personal medical data, people should get full control of their data.

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Insurance Nexus Canada article - IIB Council Blog
Blockchain Technology

Download the Whitepaper: Driving Value from AI in Insurance

Much discussed, yet often misunderstood, it’s clear that AI is set to dominate the global Insurance sector for the foreseeable future – and Canada is no different.

Download your copy of the content now!

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Distributed Ledger Technology - IIB Council Blog
Blockchain Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology – How does it work and how it affects blockchain?

In 2008, the Bitcoin Whitepaper took the internet by storm. More than an alternative currency, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced to the world the blockchain technology that is here to revolutionize both the relationship that people have with the virtual and the “physical” world.

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How Blockchain Technology Made Cryptocurrency What It Is Today - IIB Council Blockchain Blog
Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Technology Made Cryptocurrency What It Is Today

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more prominent in the world as technology becomes more accessible to people everywhere. For those of you who are looking for a long term investment the crypto space may be something you want to look into.

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Website Developer Opportunities - IIB Council Blockchain Blog
Blockchain Technology

How to Start Your Blockchain Career (Blockchain Career Guide 2019)

Things are sure tough for web developers. Being in a job sector that faces a large growth rate, being unique and yet reliable is of utmost importance. Thus, many developers seek out niches where they can specialize their skills and still earn good money.

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