IIB Council Global Partnership Program

Become an IIB Council Authorized Partner

IIB Council Global Partnership Program

To qualify for our Global Partnership Programs you need to be in the education industry as follows
IIB Council’s Channel Partner Program is developed for Business Partners interested in growing IIB Council’s presence in their region. IIB Council’s Channel Partners become the sole representative of IIB Council and they benefit by appointing and managing Delivery Partners (Academia and Professional Training) on behalf of IIB Council.

IIB Council’s Academia Partner Program is tailored for Colleges and Universities that are interested in incorporating IIB Council’s training material and content into their Degree program. Graduates of IIB Council’s Academia Partners can sit for IIB Council’s related exams directly.


IIB Council’s Training Partner Program is intended for professional training organizations that aspire to deliver IIB Council training and certification programs. IIB Council provides valuable tools and resources to assist training organizations in recruiting, training and certifying Business Technology professionals.

IIB Council Endorsement Partner Program identifies and acknowledges consulting services and training providers’ that their offerings map to IIB Council industry standards and exam requirements. The Endorsement program also assists potential partners in the development of learning material such as courseware content and lab manuals in line with IIB Council’s Certification Development Guideline.
IIB Council Referral Program identifies and acknowledges other learning resources in line with IIB Council training standards and exam requirements. The Endorsement program also assists potential partners in the development of training material such as courseware and lab manuals congruent to IIB Council’s Certification Development Guideline.


Professional Training Partners


Academia Partners


Refferal Partners

What is the IIB Global Partnership Program?

The IIB Council Global Partnership Program welcomes organizations across the globe to join our mission to address the need for Professional Education in Digital Transformation.

We believe that a synergistic partnership is a key facilitator in expanding horizons for effective education. As such, IIB accords great significance to its partnering initiatives. We presume that mutual investment is essential for each other’s success. Keeping with our policy of fair and transparent partnerships, IIB Council partners are expected to meet and maintain specific requirements for their partnering category and level of participation.

The tools, marketing, enablement and relationship benefits vary by level of partnership. Additionally, Partners are encouraged to demonstrate expertise in one or more Business Technology Training products. This mandate helps us standardize our quality of offerings globally.

How do I become an IIB Authorized Partner (AIP)?

To become an IIB Council Authorized Partner you need to submit your application here

Which IIB Partnership Program suits me best?

You may select one of the following types of Authorized IIB Council Partnership  (AIP) types based on the nature of your organization:

  • Channel (Distributors)
  • Academia (Universities/Colleges)
  • Training Centers (Professional Training)
  • Referral (Consulting or Training Development Agencies)
  • Endorsed (Training Content Providers)

What are the benefits of the IIB Global Partnership Program?

When you become an AIP, you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Access to AIP extranet Web site
  • Use of the IIB Council AIP logo
  • IIB Council AIP Digital Authentication Badge
  • Authorized to conduct IIB Council official curriculum courses
  • AIP certificate and plaque
  • Discounted Exam vouchers
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • CBTs, Videos and presentation materials
  • Admission to IIB Council Events
  • Run IIB Council University programs

What are the steps to become an IIB Authorized Partner (AIP)?

Step 1. Fill in the online AIP application form here

Step 2. Await for email confirmation or application status update from IIB Team

Step 3. Place minimum purchase order of 20 kits of the respective course here

Step 4. Nominate your Instructor here

Step 5. Announce your first class here

I am already a Partner, where can I announce the classes?

If you are already an Authorized IIB Council Partner (AIP) you can announce your upcoming classes on IIB Website here

Access Global Exposure
The IIB Council Global Partner Network invites you to join the international community of IIB Council partners and become an accredited training center for IIB Council Certification courses.
Receive Local Support
IIB Council Authorized Partners are entrusted with the delivery of IIB Council internationally accredited certification courses anywhere in the world. Our Global Partnership program enables our partners to bring into their region the global standards in professional skillset development.