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IIB Council Global Partnership Programs

IIB Council, IIB Council’s Institute of iBusiness,  is a division dedicated towards developing courses in Corporate Growth Hacking.  Corporate Growth Hacking is a skillset that allows Business Technology Professionals to utilize technological advancements, digital tools and online applications to enhance performance across business operations. Such skills are highly sought-after in Smart, Adaptive, Digital Enterprises.

"The world has shifted into a Digital World, so did we!“

As we are introducing the first Business Technology & Enterprise Digital Transformation Programs, we welcome organizations across the globe to join our mission to address the need of Professional Education for Data-Driven Economies, Decentralized Financial Ecosystems and Consumer-Centric Markets.

Our Training and Certification Programs are now present in over 145 countries and our organization accounts more than 700 Training Partners worldwide.

IIB believes that synergistic partnership is a key facilitator in expanding horizons for effective education. As such, IIB accords great significance to its partnering initiatives. We presume that mutual investment is essential for each other’s success. Keeping with our policy of fair and transparent partnerships, IIB Council partners are expected to meet and maintain specific requirements for their partnering category and level of participation.

The tools, marketing, enablement and relationship benefits vary by level of partnership. Additionally, Partners are encouraged to demonstrate expertise in one or more Business Technology Training products. This mandate helps us standardize our quality of offerings globally.


Choose the right Partnership Model with IIB

  • Academi-Partners

    Academia Partners

    IIB Council Academia Partner

    IIB Council’s Academia Partner Program is tailored for Colleges and Universities that are interested in incorporating IIB Council’s training material and content into their Degree program. Graduates of IIB Council’s Academia Partners can sit for IIB Council’s related exams directly.

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  • Channel-Partners

    Channel Partners

    IIB Council Channel Partner

    IIB Council’s Channel Partner Program is developed for Business Partners interested in growing IIB Council’s presence in their region exclusively. IIB Council’s Channel Partners become the sole representative of IIB Council and they benefit by appointing and managing Academia and Delivery Partners on behalf of IIB Council.

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  • Training-Partners

    Training Partners

    Authorized IIB Council Partner

    IIB Council’s Training Partner Program is intended for professional training organizations that deliver training in IIB Council certifications. IIB Council provides valuable tools and resources to assist training organizations in recruiting, training and certifying Business Technology professionals.

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  • Endorsed-Partners

    Endorsed Partners

    IIB Council Endorsement Partner

    Endorsed IIB Council Partner Endorsed IIB Council Partner Program identifies and acknowledges training and consultation services that are in line with IIB Council exam requirements and delivery quality standards. The Endorsement program also assists potential partners in the development of learning material such as courseware content and lab manuals in line with IIB Council’s Training Development Guideline.

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