IIB Council Endorsement Program

Become an IIB Council Endorsed Partner

IIB Council is pleased to announce the IIB Council Endorsement Program for selected Business Technology Training Programs and Services in the Enterprise Digital Transformation Professional Education area that meet our high standards.

IIB Council Endorsement Partner Program identifies and acknowledges training providers’ and publishers’ content that maps to IIB Council exam requirements. The Endorsement program also assists potential partners in the development of learning material such as courseware content and lab manuals in line with IIB Council’s Certification Development Guideline.

The selected programs are subject to content review and evaluation and to the approval of such applications and the meeting of the guidelines and restrictions set out in this document.

As an approved Endorsed Partner, IIB Council will grant a limited license to use a custom-designed logo for use in advertising the product or service, indicating that they are “IIB Council Endorsed” subject to the guidelines and restrictions contained in the Logo Policy Guidelines document. They will also receive marketing assistance and a joint press release.

All IIB Council approved partners must meet strict standards for quality and provide preferred pricing to IIB Council members in the form of a discount comparable to or better than the best discount the partner has available.


Those interested in becoming an Endorsed Partner must meet the following requirements:

  • Content/services must be useful to Business Technology professionals in Enterprise Digital Transformation field.
  • Content/services must be priced at an IIB Council member special discount, comparable to or better than the best discount available.
  • Products/services must be of the highest quality.
  • Vendors selected must be well established, reputable and have a proven track record.
  • Must submit a content for review and evaluation.
  • Complete an application and submit an upfront non-refundable processing fee of $5,000.

How does this benefit you?

  • The ability to associate yourself with IIB Council and receive industry-accredited recognition on your in-house developed training material.
  • A low cost method to obtain global exposure and international market reach.
  • An added-value proposition by complimenting your training program with IIB Council's certification exams.
  • Generate additional profit by offering IIB Council's Certification Exams to current and past students.
  • The prestige of being a preferred vendor with products and services that are held in high regard by IIB Council members worldwide.
  • The opportunity to receive full funding on your Instructor's training and certification for IIB Council's program.


Endorsed Partner Benefits:

  • Use of Custom-designed Logo.
  • Press Release to IIB Council Members and IIB Council press media contacts.
  • Announcement in an issue of IIB Council newsletter.
  • Listing in new Preferred Vendors section of IIB Council’s Web site. Marketing coordinated by IIB Council to members through:
  • E-mails to members to effectively market the products.
  • Newsletter highlights and links to the web.
  • Article, inserts and advertising in other IIB Council publications.
  • Web site listing and advertisement.
  • Advertising at Hacker Halted conferences.

Fee Schedule:

  • One time application fee of USD $5,000.
  • Up to a Maximum of USD $10,000 annual fee, in addition quarterly royalty payments based on a pre-negotiated percentage of sales.

Policy and Procedures

IIB Council Endorsed Policy and Procedures

IIB Council presents a program for Products and Service Endorsement. IIB Council is member driven organization, with the mission of advancing in e-Business and business technologies.

The IIB Council considers proposals for endorsement of products and/ or services which may be of potential benefit to IIB Council members and/or the general public. All proposals must be submitted in writing, accompanied by the appropriate fee, and will be subject to the scrutiny of a panel of experts and IIB Council staff designated for evaluation and consideration of the following:

  • Specific and beneficial application of the product or services to the e-Business and security industry.
  • Potential benefit to IIB Council members.
  • Appropriateness for use/reliance by the general public following evaluation, the applicant will be notified of the decision regarding endorsement of the product and/or services.

If there is an endorsement, the applicant/company will receive:

  • The IIB Council seal with mention of endorsement saying product and/or service meets the standard set by IIB Council;
  • The privilege and right to use the endorsement logo (set forth in a written agreement) on the product itself, and in marketing materials and campaigns, for a period of one year; and
  • A media release written by IIB Council on IIB Council letterhead stating the findings and endorsement and/or recommendation. In the event endorsement is not given by IIB Council, a written evaluation and explanation may be provided along with recommendations for the product and/or services.


The applicant is responsible for the following aspects of seeking endorsement:

  1. Any and all legal representation and review by their own legal team and at their own expense;
  2. Providing (minimally) 1 sample of the product for evaluation along with (minimally) 1 set of submission materials to include: application, courseware, and product support materials;
  3. Bear all extraordinary costs (in addition to the application fee) for evaluation and rendering of findings;
  4. Sign a written agreement as stipulated by IIB Council upon confirmation of award; and
  5. Indemnify IIB Council against all legal action that may arise from or is incident to the products and/or services during the period that they bear the endorsement of the IIB Council.
  6. IIB Council is responsible for the following aspects of considering and implementation of an endorsement and/or recommendation, including:

  • Review written proposals and may request a presentation by the company at a designated time and place;
  • Review the products and/or services for specific criteria, to include, but is not limited to, suitability, function, design, utility, and purpose;
  • Each panel or staff member, reviewing the products or services may submit a report to be compiled into a final report of findings;
  • Provide findings and conclusions regarding endorsement and/or recommendation or denial of endorsement;
  • Provide the company with a written agreement between the parties setting forth the various rights and obligations for a period of one year;
  • Provide media releases on IIB Council letterhead indicating IIB Council endorsement; and
  • Provide use of IIB Council logo as outlined in the IIB Council Logo Policy Guidelines.

IIB Council Endorsement Application Form

Endorsement application fee is USD $5,000, to be paid at the time of submission of the application packet, unless other arrangements have been made. Please submit (minimally) 1 completed packet, each to include:

  • Completed application
  • Sample of product or description of services
  • Supporting materials for product and/or service
  • Any other supporting documents, customer feedbacks and input
  • Initial payment of USD $5,000 – Make the payment to “International Council of E-Commerce Consultants”