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Most In Demand And Sought After-Skills For Business Professionals 2017:

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  • Analytical

About Us

The Institute of iBusiness, also known as the IIB Council, is dedicated to develop groundbreaking programs for business professionals that will foster corporate growth and sustainable development across organizations.

IIB aims at utilizing technological advancements to enrich digital skills in business professionals that are congruent with the principles of Analytics, Intelligence, Automation, and Optimization.

We aspire that our professionals will adopt and apply the latest tools and techniques in technology to accelerate organizational performance in various business operations and we hope that this will assist enterprises to further grow their businesses. We call this Corporate Growth Hacking.

Data-Driven Economy
Information-Driven innovation
Insight-Driven Corporate Strategy

Successful Enterprises Rely Heavily on Technology To:

  • Process data to collect information
  • Gain actionable insights and predictions.
  • Analyze data  to improve performance 
  • Perform agile, correct and timely decision-making. 
  • Ensure real-time accuracy and transparency.
  • Obtain Competitive advantage.

What We Do

Modernizing Traditional Approach by Integrating Digital Applications across Business Operations

IIB Council develops training programs that focusses on modernizing the traditional approach of business operations by merging Industry requirements with the latest technology advancements. The training programs aim at leveraging business skills through the implementation of digital applications. All of IIB courses are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce complexity and improve performance by maximising the usage of business analytics, intelligence, automation and optimization.

Our Training Programs

Certified Digital

The C|DM Professionals are prepared to identify, reach and retain their target market by marrying internet emerging technologies to old-time classic traditional methods.

Certified Project

The C|PM Professionals trained on all possible project management scenarios that enabled them to acquire necessary hands-on experience on various management techniques and tools necessary to successfully manage complex projects efficiently.

Certified Customer Relationship Manager

The C|CRM Professionals are prepared to identify, reach and retain their target market by using effectively the aspects or Operational, Collaborative and Analytical Relationship Management methodologies.

Advisory Board

Connecting the Experts of Today, Building the Professionals of Tomorrow.

Training Options

Choose your training through online, onsite or
tailored enterprise classes.


Web-courses and Video Tutorials from our Master Trainers available to you.

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Official Training Centers

Attend live training at any of our authorized partners worldwide.

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Corporate Training

Customized courses for oraganizations and enterprises delivered at a location of your choice

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